Honour-based violence and oppression

Increase your understanding of the complexities of honour-based violence and oppression with intersectional and anti-racist perspectives. Amphi gives you the opportunity to strengthen your work for people who are experiencing violence and to do it in a way that is freed from prejudices and limiting norms.

You will get theoretical knowledge combined with case studies anchored in reality. Increase your knowledge about LGBTQI+ people’s specific challenges connected to honour-based violence and oppression and learn to listen and act in a way that considers people’s different needs based on their reality and circumstances.

Training and coaching

Create a safer and more intentional organisation by taking part in Amphi’s training and coaching on honour-based violence, where you get the tools to identify, respond to and act upon suspected violence in a professional manner.

Our tailor-made courses can span shorter or longer periods of time to give you the opportunity to explore new skills through practical exercises and case studies. You get access to experiences and tools that can be transferred directly to your work.

  • Training for people working in municipalities, regions, government agencies and the civil sector
  • Experiental learning using films and case descriptions
  • Training and coaching that provide concrete and user-friendly tools
  • Digital learning for individuals and groups

Organizational development and process management

Are you strengthening your organisation’s work to combat honour-based violence and oppression? Amphi has extensive experience in leading collaboration and development projects aimed at creating a foundation for shared knowledge, enabling employees to work in the same direction. 

We manage projects in close collaboration with you as the client, where we map needs, design activity plans and guide you through the process towards consensus, clarity and legal compliance.

  • Legal compliance support and development of routines and guidelines
  • Process management including focus, reference and project groups
  • Creation of web-based or in-person training programs
  • Mapping and compilation of analyses and results

Vi finns här för dig som är

  • Coordinators

    responsible for the strategic coordination of work to combat honour-based violence

  • Social Service Workers

    who do social work

  • Project managers

    working with organisational development

  • Process leaders

    leading and organising work to combat honour-based violence

See how we work in practice

Young people living with disabilities who are exposed to honour-based violence

Eskilstuna Municipality contacted us at Amphi with a request for a training process concerning children and young people with disabilities who are subjected to honour-based violence and oppression.

Training program on honour-based violence for healthcare and dental care personnel

Six regions approached Amphi with the task of creating a training program for healthcare and dental care personnel to increase understanding of honour-based violence and oppression.

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